Terms and Conditions

This is an automatic translation for your convenience. Please refer to the German version as the sole legally binding version.

Terms and Conditions of bubbleprint

1. Validity and definitions of terms

(1) The following terms and conditions apply to all services between bubbleprint GbR (“bubbleprint”) and a consumer in the version valid at the time of the order.

(2) A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for purposes that are predominantly neither their commercial nor their independent professional activity can be attributed (§ 13 BGB).

2. Conclusion of a contract, storage of the contract text

(1) The following provisions regarding the conclusion of the contract apply to orders and services via our bubbleprint app.

(2) The use of the bubbleprint App is possible without registration of the customer. The specification of customer data is only required with an order.

(3) In the case of the conclusion of the contract, the contract is closed with

bubbleprint GbR
represented by the managing partner Evgenij Bakulin
Schilcherweg 1
81545 Munich

(4) The presentations of the service packages in the bubbleprint app do not constitute a legally binding contract offer on our part, but are only a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods (invitatio ad offerendum). By ordering the desired service package, the customer submits a binding offer for the conclusion of a service contract.

(5) The booking and billing of the fee-based service packages is carried out exclusively via the bubbleprint app. For the service contract for the packages booked by the bubbleprint App, only these terms and conditions apply, as well as for consumers the right of withdrawal granted by us.

(6) Before the binding submission of the order or registration by pressing the “back” button contained in the bubbleprint app, the user can return to the page on which the customer ‘s information is entered and corrects or corrects input errors Close the order process by closing the internet browser or the bubbleprint app. We confirm the receipt of the order directly by an automatically generated e-mail (“receipt”). We reserve the right to reject the order (eg in case of errors in the order or in case of delivery problems). In this case, we will inform you immediately. Only with the delivery of the goods we accept your offer.

(7) Storage of the contract text: We save the contract text in the form of your customer and order data. You can also view the terms and conditions at https://www.bubbleprint.io/terms or in the bubbleprint app at any time. For your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

3. Scope of services; costs

(1) bubbleprint offers in the bubbleprint app a shop for creating photobooks.

(2) For the creation of the photobooks, the prices stated on https://www.bubbleprint.io or in the bubbleprint app apply.

(3) All prices are gross including the applicable value added tax and plus shipping costs, unless otherwise stated.

(4) When ordering, the customer has the option of paying by credit card.

(5) Although we exercise great care and diligence in the performance of our services, we can not verify and warrant that all information provided to us by third parties is accurate, accurate and complete. Also we can not be responsible for errors (including obvious errors or misprints), interruptions (through a temporary and / or partial failure, repair, update or maintenance work on our website or the bubbleprint app or any other reason), inaccurate, misleading or false information or non-transmission of the information are made responsible if these errors are not based on our own fault or the fault of our vicarious agents.

4. Use of our services 

(1) In the bubbleprint app, users can upload their WhatsApp chats and create a book from them.

(2) By uploading a chat, the user assures that he does not violate the rights of third parties. This includes in particular the messages of the other chat parties as well as pictures, stickers and other media uploaded with the chat.

(3) The uploading of criminal content as well as pornographic or inciting content and violence is prohibited.

(4) In the event of a breach of these rules, bubbleprint reserves the right to take legal action against the user.

5. Communication and correspondence

(1) By completing your order, you accept the receipt of a confirmation e-mail.

(2) To complete your order securely, you must provide your correct email address. We are not responsible or liable for any wrong or misspelled e-mail addresses or incorrect (mobile) telephone numbers or credit card numbers and have no obligation to verify them.

6. Retention of title

(1) Until the complete settlement of all claims against the customer arising from the purchase contract, the delivered goods remain our property.

(2) As long as this retention of title exists, the customer may neither resell the goods nor dispose of the goods; In particular, the customer may not contractually grant third parties any use of the goods.

7. Liability

(1) The liability of bubbleprint for negligently caused damages is excluded.

(2) If bubbleprint negligently violates a contractual obligation, the duty of replacement of bubbleprint shall be limited to the damage typically incurred in transactions of the type in question. Significant contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on the compliance of which the contractual partner regularly trusts and may trust or which bubbleprint has to grant to the contractual partner according to the contractual content.

(3) The liability for intent and gross negligence as well as for injury to life, limb or health is expressly not excluded.

(4) The aforementioned limitation of liability regulations also apply to persons whose fault is attributable to bubbleprint according to the statutory provisions.

8. Copyright and intellectual property

(1) All information and services provided on the website https://bubbleprint.io and in the bubbleprint App are protected by copyright. Reproduction is permitted only with the express written or written consent of bubbleprint or the respective copyright holder.

(2) Our content is only available to you for the use of our services. Therefore, you are not permitted to distribute, use, reproduce, extract (for example.) Any content or information, software, products or services available on our website for commercial or competitive purposes with Spider, Scrape), republish, upload or reproduce.

9. Contract language

As contract language german will be available exclusively.

10. Change of the terms and conditions

(1) Bubbleprint reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions in justified cases. The change of the terms and conditions is published bubbleprint at least 8 days before entry into force on its website https://www.bubbleprint.io.

(2) A short-term change of the terms and conditions takes place only if errors are corrected, the change takes place in favor of the consumer or legal regulations require this.

11. Settlement of disputes, place of jurisdiction

(1) For all disputes in connection with these terms and conditions German law applies. In case of dispute, the parties try to reach an amicable agreement. If this does not lead to success, the legal jurisdiction applies to legal disputes.

(2) For questions that do not regulate these terms and conditions, the applicable German law – in particular the Civil Code (BGB).

(3) This choice of law shall apply to consumers only insofar as the granted protection is not withdrawn by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the consumer has his habitual residence.

12. Other provisions

(1) Declarations and subsidiary agreements require the text form to be legally effective. The parties acknowledge that in order to comply with the written form, sending by email is sufficient.

(2) Complaints must be made in writing or in text form to the address bubbleprint GbR, Mr Evgenij Bakulin, Schilcherweg 1, 81545 Munich, Germany, imprint@bubbleprint.io.

(3) By placing an order, the customer confirms that he has read the terms and conditions, has understood the contents without reservation and fully respects them, that he accepts the data protection regulations, as well as with the administration of his personal data, which he states at the time of booking. agreed.

13. Validity of the General Terms and Conditions

The provisions of these terms and conditions come into force from 27th March 2018 and are valid until revoked or until the entry into force of a change.

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