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A bubbleprint is a book made personally for you from your WhatsApp chat. It contains all the great moments of your friendships, such as parties, jokes, vacations, pictures and all the fun stuff you send via WhatsApp.

Your bubbleprint comes as a hardcover book or softcover booklet. The book is a high quality bubbleprint with great colours and HD photo paper. It is ideal as a gift for loved ones. The booklet is a budget bubbleprint and is suitable for backing up your WhatsApp chats for personal use.

Your experiences define who you are. We want you to remember them all. This is why a bubbleprint can have up to 265 pages. This is enough space for your vacations, parties, groups and relationships. And if you are a WhatsApp junkie and need more space, you can also split your chat into several books.

With the bubbleprint app, it is very easy to export your WhatsApp chats. Install the bubbleprint app from the Apple App Store. Then tap the “+” button and a tutorial will guide you through the next steps. When you have exported your chat, you can add different layouts and get your chat printed as a beautiful book.

With bubbleprint you can print all your WhatsApp chats and groups. Just install the bubbleprint app from the Apple App Store. There you can export your WhatsApp chats. Design a beautiful cover and you are ready to order your WhatsApp chat as a personal book. It is a great gift for friends and family.

App and Features

With the bubbleprint app for iPhone you can easily create your personal WhatsApp book. You can export your chats directly from WhatsApp into the bubbleprint App. There you can give it a personal touch with custom covers and backgrounds. You can also limit your chats to a certain time period and you can delete messages that should not appear in your book.

Your bubbleprint book is as unique as yourself. You can customise your book covers using our intuitive cover designer. You can also select from a variety of layouts and add your personal touch to your bubbleprint. This way you and your friend get a unique book of your story.

You can define a start and end date for the chat you want to print. This way you can limit the conversation to the most interesting part. Additionally you can delete individual messages that you do not want in your book.

You can hide messages that should not be printed in your book. Simply go to “Messages” in the bubbleprint app and tap the ones you want to hide.

Of course! We can gladly make an individual design for your bubbleprint for free. Just tell us what you have in mind at

Data protection is very important to us. We use state of the art encryption for the transfer of data to our servers. While you customise your chat, all data is maintained within your phone. We delete your chats after the print. For more information read our Privacy Policy .

No. Your bubbleprint order is automatically transferred and printed. We use state of the art encryption methods in order to secure your data. Only in certain cases, e.g. if a book is not printed correctly, a bubbleprint might be checked for quality reasons. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

Of course 🙋! All your emojis are included in your chats and printed with your bubbleprint 😊. 

The emojis in your iPhone are licensed to Apple and cannot be used by anyone else. Therefore we use different emojis for your bubbleprint.

Orders and Shipping

A bubbleprint booklet costs only 24,95€. The premium bubbleprint book starts at only 34,95€. Additional 50 pages cost 6€. All prices include VAT. Shipping depends on your country.

You can easily pay your bubbleprint via credit card. We will add more payment methods soon.

As soon as you place your order, we create your individual bubbleprint. We use a special production method to ensure the longevity of our books. This takes regularly four business days. Shipping is usually two to four days.

Shipping to Germany costs 4,50€. The shipping costs will be shown in the ordering process. 

We ship to the following countries:
– Germany
– Austria
– Belgium
– Denmark
– Finland
– France
– Ireland
– Italy
– Luxembourg
– Netherlands
– Norway
– Portugal
– Spain
– Sweden
– United Kingdom

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